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Black And Decker Hedge Trimmer 24 Inch

This 24 Inch dual action hedge trimmer is a terrific tool for sawing, mowing, or for trimming veneers And inox hedge trimmers, the blade's 24 Inch width is wide enough to cut through most plastic surgery levels of hair. The handle is griffon alloy with a Black anodized finish And it presents a brown anodized finish to it, it offers a hardwood construction with a natural finished look And feel. The blade is an 2 Inch wide blade And it is full-tang european-made stainless steel.

Hedge Trimmer Handle

This hedge trimmer grants an 24 Inch blade And is used maybe a few times a year, the blade is Black And the handle is black. The 24 Inch electric hedge trimmer is unequaled for trimming And of all shapes And sizes, this trimmer is able to handle tight spaces with ease, leaving you with time to work on more important projects. With a quick-start guide And owner's manual, this tool is straightforward to learn And basic to use, the Black hedge trimmer is a sensational surrogate for admirers who are hunting for a powerful, versatile hedge trimmer. This trimmer imparts an 40-inch blade And is able to trim flowers, leaves, And bushes, the Decker is an unrivaled substitute for folks who desire high-quality tools at an affordable price. Looking for a first-rate hedge trimmer to keep your garden clean? Look no more than the Black And Decker 24-inch hedge trimmer electric, this trimmer is top-quality for diagnosed or newly planted plants, with its automatic settings it will trim plants without ever making them feel getting hit in the head. The Black And Decker trimmers come with a six month warranty so you can always be sure that it's replaced or service records in case you run into any issues.