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Vintage Craftsman Hedge Trimmer

The vintage craftsman hedge trimmer is a great way to keep your property looking its best. This hedge trimmer is in great condition and is a great value. This is a great tool for trimming hedges, hedges are a necessary part of any green home.

Vintage Craftsman Hedge Trimmer Ebay

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Vintage Craftsman Hedge Trimmer Amazon

This rare vintage craftsman hedge trimmer is a great addition to your vintage home. This trimmer is made of hand-made metal and is in great condition. It is also stem and blade with original card box and clamps. This trimmer is a great deal at $1, this craftsman hedge trimmer is a great value! It comes with a 2. 6 amp with 16 blade that can trim bushes, trees or other plants. It is well made with a heavy-duty fabric blade. The hedge trimmer is easy to operate with a one-handle blade and is good for any size lawn. This is a great choice for the modern gardener! this lovely vintage craftsman hedge trimmer has a 16 electric hedge trimmer blade and isken with a electric hedge trimmer. This great trimmer is made of heavy weight metal and is great for thin hedge clips and clumps. The blade is made of durable stainless steel and is easy to use. The sears craftsman hedge trimmer is a great addition to your kitchen or garden. this vintage craftsman hedge trimmer has a cacia handle and is made with heavy gauge wire. It is a cts (canon-tension thruster) hedge trimmer and is available with a 3- conductor test cord or a 6- conductor test cord. The trimmer also includes a 6-in-1 blade and blade grinder.