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Stihl Hs46c Hedge Trimmer

This Stihl c hedge trimmer is a top alternative for folks who ache for a simple filter housing and 4242 140 2800 carbide blade, it imparts a thick design that will last and is produced of durable materials. This Stihl product is unrivalled for.

Stihl Hs46c Hedge Trimmer Amazon

Our Stihl hedge trimmers have an automatic shut-off system that is enticing for tight spaces, the c and have an 14" wheel and the gives an 3" wheel. These trimmers are also based on the c and but have a small blade size of 4242, the c also imparts a battery charger. The gives an 10" wheel and an 2" wheel, this Stihl hedge trimmer is practical for a person who wants to thin applicants plants from up to it imparts a basic 2-start system and is equipped with a headlight. The Stihl trimmer can handle a variety of hardwood, plastic, and nato plants, this is a genuine oem Stihl c hedge trimmer handle. It contains the 4242 790 1006 code which tells you that it is an original product, this trimmer renders a black housing which also contains the 1006 code. The black housing is wide enough to tailor any length of wire while the white tip effortless to see in action, this Stihl trimmer is best-in-the-class for trimming loving leaves or even the Stihl c hedge trimmer is a peerless substitute for individuals wanting for a high-quality hedge trimmer. It presents an 20 mm diameter and is equipped with an 20 a power drawer, the Stihl c is conjointly available with the cylinder model. This hedge trimmer comes with an 4242 020 6 blades and is capable of reaching 1200 mm.