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Stihl Hs246 Hedge Trimmer Attachment

This hedge trimmer Attachment for the hs 246 is for use with the ms 240 260 chainsaw, it imparts a variety of features that include, hedge clover, leaves, and other attachments.

Stihl Hs246 Hedge Trimmer Attachment Amazon

This is an used oem Stihl hedge trimmer pruner 024 026 ms 240 260 chainsaw attachment, this chainsaw Attachment is included in the package. It is little bit small in size, but it is still suitable for hedging, the chainsaw Attachment is attached to the of the chain saw with screws. The chainsaw Attachment can be used for various tasks such as cutting deep sawing, and more, this is an used omega Stihl hedge trimmer Attachment for sale. The Attachment is used and in valuable condition, it imparts the chain saw chain and the chain saw chain. The chainsaw Attachment offers an 24" chain and the hedge trimmer imparts an 260" chain, this Attachment is a chain saw with attached hedge trimmer pruner 024 026 ms 240 260 chainsaw that can be used to cut forrest defenses or other landscape applications. This Attachment can be found here: Attachment is furthermore available in an 2 pack of Stihl hedge trimmer pruning supplements, this is an used hs 246 hedge trimmer Attachment that is still in the box. It renders the Attachment on the left side and the ms 240 260 chainsaw on the right side, the chainsaw Attachment is what is called in sharp-edged agriculture. This is a fantastic tool for thinning or cutting shrubs or leaves, the right side of the Attachment is additionally the "left handed trimmer". As it is manufactured with a high degree of care.