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Refurbished Gas Hedge Trimmer

The husqvarna 122hd60 is a dual action hedge trimmer that is perfect for trimming hedges or reaching into plants. This hedge trimmer has a 24-in. Long blade and 21. 7cc two-cycle gas engine. The chain and chainwheel are also two-cycle gas engine, which makes this trimmer easy to operate. This trimmer also has a quick-start manual, so you can start trimming your hedges right away.

Refurbished Gas Hedge Trimmer Amazon

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Best Refurbished Gas Hedge Trimmer

This is a refurbished gas hedge trimmer that is perfect for those who want a simple, yet efficient hedge trimmer. The assembly is soft-grip plastic and the pulley assembly lets you add your own blades. The hedge trimmer has a life that is 2-3 cuts of wood. It is also power-operated and has a speed of 2-1/2 mph. This unit is still in great condition and is perfect for either a simple hedge mowing job or a more extensive project. this is a genuine parts rear handle housing assembly for ryobi ry39506 hedge trimmer. This will help to keep your hedge trimmed down to a maintains the quality and level of service they always provide. if you're looking for a brand new hedge trimmer that is refurbssered, the ryobi ry39506 is perfect choice. This trimmer has a new gear box and assembly that makes it further easy to use. With its stoppable grass and clippable limbs, the ryobi ry39506 is a complete hedge trimmer that can be used for just about anything you need it to be used for. Whether you're cutting hedge clippings or deepcutting, the ryobi ry39506 is sure to get the job done.